I’m Charyl Lieder

Certified Business Coach & Bookkeeper  

It’s natural to get cold feet

(read: become overwhelmed, intimidated, or borderline panicky) just before taking a look at your business’ bottom line numbers.

Business Coaching

When the path to your business goals are murky and you’re frozen by which action to take, a coach can support you in clarifying your desires and keeping you moving forward.


Financial goals are important, but financial language and protocols can seem impossible to understand. Plus, who has time for bookkeeping and accounting when you’re trying to run a business?

Goal Setting

Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything.

Accounting Support

Debits and credits, assets, and balance sheets don’t have to be your thing (but they are mine).


Responsibility doesn’t happen by chance, we’ll constantly put it into practice.

Business Advice

Recommendations that will (really) help you move past from what’s holding you back.

What I do

 Clarity is my thing. Because watching talented, intelligent women struggle to work for themselves is NOT only unacceptable, it’s what I strive to eliminate.

As a bookkeeper, I’m a technician. I complete tasks and provide reports to make your books easy to navigate and keep your accounting simple.

As a coach, I’m trained to first help you figure out what you want. Then, I partner with clients to explore and co-create desired outcomes

Listen, assess, intuit possibility ← in that order.

What’s possible?

Smart financial decisions, embraced visions, ease and empowerment.

We can stop the struggle.

Is This For Me?

Are you a visionary who prefers creating over tracking and planning?

Does the thought of dealing with the daily tasks of business ownership exhaust you?

Or maybe you know your zone of genius, and you know it’s not the logistical side of entrepreneurship.

There’s no reason to torture yourself with these tasks when someone else actually loves doing them for you.


Wait, bookkeeping and accounting aren’t the same thing?

Cash flow, Spending habits, tax deductibles, profit and loss: I swear they’re all English words and phrases. But what feelings do they evoke in you when you read them?

I’m guessing guilt about the Everest sized pile of receipts you haven’t filed. Or shame because that expensive accounting software you bought is too complicated. Maybe even feeling like a phony because you’re running flash sales at year’s end to make up for the money you spent instead of saving for taxes.

Yeah, this is not the part of being a business owner most people like. Yet you know the only way you will reach money milestones and grow your business is by getting smarter and simplifying financial management.

So how do you do it?

Get a pro to guide you through it.

About Me

Hi, I’m Charyl, I’m a certified bookkeeper and business coach who works with passionate entrepreneurs who sometimes forget to focus on their finances, yet deserve to make, save, and live more.

Here, I help women take control of money with automated accounting systems and financial planning strategies, providing the peace of mind and freedom necessary to help you focus on your own zone on genius (and succeed in business).

My obsession with time-saving technology and healthy (realistic, not gimmicky) money mindset means you get a trustworthy, cold-feet fixing financial expert to help you bring back the balance in your chequebook.


“Charyl has proven to be a proactive and true business partner. She has a clear passion for her work which has given me the confidence I was seeking and has put to rest any fears I had about quality after we had a frustrating start with someone else. Now I feel smarter and greater excitement about my business financials.
Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

“I am more confident and knowledgeable now that Charyl is part of my team. It is such a relief having someone who is aware of the bigger picture and is concerned with making sure we are meeting deadlines and in compliance with both Canadian and US tax requirements.”
Siobhan McAuley

“I was avoiding my finances like other people avoid technology. I knew I had cashflow, but nothing was organized and it felt out of control. Charyl kept me committed to wrangling the bookkeeping when without her, I think I would have quit many, many times. I was surprised at how much support she was available for. I guess I just expected it would be setup and boom, gone. I love that Charyl answered questions thoroughly, followed up with me, and circled back when she saw I wasn’t following through. I feel much more confident and excited to get even more organized to go to the next level.”
Jennifer Crego

Ready to restore a sense of balance within your business?

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