There is something that has been coming up a lot over the last couple of weeks in discussions I have been having with all of you lovely entrepreneurs. It also happens to be something that I feel very strongly about. I want you to know that it is time to let go of the financial shame. I don’t know when it started but somehow seeking out help with your finances has become taboo instead of empowering.

 Let go of financial shame

Does the mere thought of looking at your bank statement put you in a cold sweat? Do you have “organized” receipts and by organized you mean a manila envelope tucked into a box on a shelf collecting dust?  Even if you’re super organized and have the most amazing excel workbooks known to man I want to you to know something.

 You are going to be just fine. 

 Nothing is so insurmountable that it cannot be fixed or made right. Stop shaming yourself into inaction! 

Shame is the fear of honesty.

Shame is the fear of honesty.

 If you have been putting off dealing with your finances because:

  • You feel ashamed of not knowing how
  • Or feeling shame over how you have been managing
  • Or feeling guilt over asking for money
  • Or you are afraid there will not be enough

I want you to take a deep breath and repeat after me… “Even though I have this fear, (shame/guilt), I am enough, I am smart, and I CAN do this.”  So, how does that feel?  The tricky thing about fear is that even though you are experiencing this really uncomfortable feeling you are not in any danger. What you are experiencing is negative self-talk that is tricking you into a state of inaction or counter productivity.The truth is or your truth is that you ARE enough and you are worthy of success. I don’t care if you believe me right now or not, you ARE enough.

Here are some other little truth bombs for you:

  • Even super successful business people struggle with their finances sometimes
  • If you believe in the service you have to offer and do so with intention you need to open yourself to success. This is a conscious decision you need to make.
  • There can be no re-action without first taking action. What I mean here is that if you are unhappy with your current financial state you need to take a step forward in order to change it.
  • It is okay to ask for help. If you think you don’t need help, everyone can use guidance at different points. It is a sign of intelligence and strength to recognize this.

 I was in once in your shoes

I started my entrepreneurial journey out as a Registered Massage Therapist. I was in my early 20’s running a business and totally unprepared for “business”. I was in no way going to let this stop me even though I made mistakes, which I of course did, I learned! I asked for help! I sought out answers to my questions. This is how I know that you can do the exact same thing. Stop hiding, please, stop! You’ve got this you just have to face it.  So right now decide. Take action. Get copies of your bank and credit card statements. File your taxes. Make a budget. Whatever that thing is for you that is holding you back, start it and if you need help because you are ashamed, afraid, or feeling guilty it’s okay you will get through this. You don’t need to be perfect; you don’t need to have all the answers. All you need to do is get started. No judgement.  And because maybe you need to hear it from someone else, I am sharing this Ted talk by Brene Brown. This talk is goosebumps amazing and hopefully just what you need to hear. If you dig it you should also check out her book Daring Greatly…so good!

Lastly, I want you to know that I genuinely and sincerely mean it when I say I want to hear from you. If you need a one-on-one pep talk or a little reassurance in your finances please drop me a line or schedule a complimentary money clarity session. I am here for you in whatever capacity you need me to be.   Yours in wealthy living, CharylCounts

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