Hustle. Bootstrap. Work hard.


As Donna Summer says “She works hard for the money. So hard for it Honey


You’re working crazy long hours because you are deeply passionate about your business. And then there’s money, it feels like there’s not enough.

The spiral begins, I am not enough, what if I fail? Someone else surely knows the answer…

So you begin to seek outside for answers. Law of Attraction, your thoughts are responsible for your reality. Improve your attitude towards money and the floodgates of abundance will open.

The money guru du jour has a new book all about how they got out of debt and went on to create massive wealth. Buy their book and follow their plan and you to can have more money than you ever dreamed.

The marketing master did a Facebook live to tell you-you’re never going to get ahead without the proper sales funnel. Sign up for their super secret mastermind and you too can create passive income overnight.

As Entrepreneurs we are inundated with the subtle message, spend money to make money.

Money = Success  

Money is validation

What if we create a reframe?

What happens if money is not the end result needed to create happiness and feel good about your business?

If instead, we see money as a means value and not an end value, what do you desire that is even more important? 

What do you really value? What does having money provide for you that’s even more meaningful to you?

Exhausted? Me too. Lets press pause on all this noise.

Take a breath, centre, exhale.

Now, make your own path. Define for yourself what it means for you to:

  • Feel good about money
  • Feel good about your business
  • Feel abundant

Remember that guy in the Secret who manifested his dream home? That’s John Assaraf.

Did you know that even he tells his audience that positive thinking in and of itself is not enough? That’s right, what the Secret failed to convey is something he refers to as The Law of GOYA (Get Off Your Ass).

Our thoughts create our reality, and you have to get off your ass and take action to change it.

For example, instead of buying someone else’s $30 ebook that’s going to tell you all of their secrets about how to get rich, it’s about spending a half hour writing a client an email.


You can choose to feel good about money right now,

this hot second, by starting to take positive action.

A friend of mine, Jo Gifford, recently had a breakthrough that I think sums this sentiment up so perfectly. In a recent Facebook post, she shares a realization about what she referred to as income dysmorphia.

“I judge myself on whether those numbers are big and rising.

When they are epic, I feel epic.

When they are lower, in the past I have felt like a failure.

I am sure I am not alone.

What those income markers don’t show, however, is the joy of walking my kids to school and holding their hands before I work wherever I want to; the privilege of flexible, creative time and freedom in my day; the honour of serving amazing human beings, the impact of changing the day of just one person; the fact the freedom, creativity, flexibility and family values I always craved are right here, right NOW.”

If you’d like to check out Jo’s full post you can find it here.

[Naked truth + income dysmorphia]

I am 42 this year.

Right up until the turn of the last decade I was on a cycle that…

Posted by Jo Gifford on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It starts with a goal, what is it you really want?

Define what your goals are, decide how you want to achieve them, and start to move the needle bit by bit, day by day.


So tell me what is it that you truly desire that’s even deeper than money?

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