Charyl Denomy Lieder

Certified Business Coach & Bookkeeper

Simplified Accounting for Wealthy Living

There are a few things I know for sure:

Your purse and dream both deserve fulfilment.

And – You have the skill to be an incredible entrepreneur.

Yes, you. You’re a gifted coach, a formidable creative or retail shop owner, and nobody has ever doubted you in your zone of genius. You don’t have to keep track of your talent, right?

But what about your money?

Do you know how much you have going out each month and how much you have coming in?  Has tax season ever suddenly crept up and you realized you didn’t save enough to make the tax man happy?

While your expertise is necessary to get you far in business, so is a way to track your earning and spending. If you don’t have a reliable accounting system in place, it’s possible – and likely probable – you’re leaving hard earned money on the table.

I know, that’s kind of a downer.

Listen, running a business is hard work. But that doesn’t mean tracking it has to be.

The #1 killer of your business isn’t just a mistake on a spreadsheet or overspending, you have to get your mindset right around money, so if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable

  • Raising your prices
  • Trying to file taxes
  • Creating and working toward money milestones

You know all about the struggle.

The good news?

There are people like me who help you bring the gap between your bank account and money mindset.

Here’s How

I blend the technical side of bookkeeping with the coaching tools designed to get your finances in order and change the habits that might just be slowing down your business growth.

I’m Charyl, I love this stuff, and I promise it’s not because I’m weird or boring or unapproachable. I love breaking down bottom line numbers in plain, digestible English so you can retire while you’re still young enough to enjoy the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.

I’ve written blog posts and funnels about why I love this field, but the gist is this: I came from a family with more money problems than they should have had, and when I finally started working on my own I ran into hiccups and snags because 1) my mindset was off and 2) my accountant was terrible.

That’s when I started studying finances, so I could take back control of my own business and rewrite the money stories that were hardwired into me from a young age. Interestingly, I loved it so much it changed the course of my career completely. So here I am, soaking in as much financial education as humanly possible, massaging the kinks out of your business.

But enough about me.

What my clients love most about my work:

I make their lives easier

by streamlining processes they’re already using (or helping them find what works for them).

I am straightforward and honest

with a penchant for honing in on the root of your money issues so you stop wasting hard-earned dollars.

Myer-Briggs says I’m an INFJ.

My clients say I have a talent for creating compassionate solutions to their money related stress. 

I say I’m a logical problem solver. 

Whether you want to hire a team, eliminate debt, vacation every year, or retire early, you can’t do it without significant and expert financial planning. That’s where I come in. Let me help you.

Ready to restore a sense of balance within your business?

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